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Narcissism: Genetics or Abuse, Nature or Nurture?

Is pathological narcissism the outcome of inherited traits - or the sad result of abusive and traumatizing upbringing? Or, maybe it is the confluence of both? It is a common occurrence, after all, that, in the same family, with the same set of parents and an identical emotional environment - some siblings grow to be malignant narcissists, while others are perfectly "normal". Surely, this indicates a predisposition of some people to developing narcissism, a part of one's genetic heritage. (From the book "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase:

Run time 6 minutes 54 seconds
Producer Sam Vaknin
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Reviewer: TradCatholic - - May 23, 2013
Subject: Nature vs. Nuture, re.: NPDs
I've watched ton of Mr. (Dr.?) Sam Vaknin's videos as I just was a victim (fiance) of someone who had this disorder in spades. All that I've seen so far has been spot on accurate in describing what I've witnessed. Also, Dr. Sam does a good job in explaining things and breaking them down for a lay person.

I was curious about the nature vs. nurture aspects actually from how the NPD mind works, and also if there is a way to deprogram the 'software' disorder and reorder it. I don't believe it can be done in a relationship, because the person with NPD values his NPD more than any other relationship. If it is possible to 'deprogram' a narcissist, with the understanding that a new trauma could retrigger this, it would have to take either perhaps intense psychotherapy with the right person, or supernatural power. But why would someone with NPD be ever truly motivated to be honest with a psychotherapist? (I'm no doctor, I only play one on the internet forums. (joke!) ) Is it possible to reorder one's habitual nurturing cycle from a clinical perspective? If one feels they are of little value unless they have to prove to someone else they have value, isn't this a sort of psychological addiction? If so, then it is highly possible for the supernatural authority to heal this, but that is more of a theological discussion than merely scientific.